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New year, new you


Have you mapped out your New Year's resolution?

Join our 21/90 challenge to kickstart 2024!




what is 21/90 Challenge?


The 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to solidify it into a lifestyle.








21 days

to form a habit


To form a habit, the initial 21 days are pivotal. Begin with manageable rowing classes to establish proper form, gradually increasing intensity to enhance cardiovascular health.


Extend the habit for an additional 69 days to solidify rowing as a lifestyle. In this phase, focus on personalized goals and find an intensity that challenges you slightly but is sustainable over the long term.


90 days

make it a lifestyle


how does the Challenge work?


Step 1: Unlock Your Potential


Option 1: 21 Days Unlimited


Kickstart your resolution with our 21 days unlimited pass to form a rowing habit


Option 2: 90 Days Unlimited


Elevate your commitment with a 90 days unlimited pass to turn rowing a lifestyle


Step 2: Rewards to Keep You Motivated


Take 5 classes, earn 1 FREE class as our reward to you!


21 days







You save




90 days









You save

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